Michael Scarfi

Developer, Engineer, System Administrator | michael.scarfi@gmail.com


This page is a demo home page for my REST server. This page is being hosted through a REST API endpoint running on Flask. Flask is being served through uWSGI and I am using NGINX as a reverse proxy to serve the application.


I am an IT professional specializing in Developement, Technical Support, and System Administration. I enjoy challenges and love to create. I have a wide variety of skills, many of which were learned through self-teaching or independent study.

Work Experience

Support Engineer

Support Enginer (Promoted Feb 2020)
Created SDK samples using Java and third party Java APIs that were professionally peer reviewed and published to github for public use
Performed advance troubleshooting of multiple areas of the MicroStrategy product including the MSTR SDK, APIs, and MicroStrategy packaged 3rd party tools such as Apache Kafka.
Created Knowledge Base articles

Support Associate
Received training in troubleshooting MSTR Server, SDK, and Web products
Began to fulfill the role of Support Engineer by taking Engineer cases
Participated in MSTR training and become a certified MSTR Analyst and Architect
Answered phone calls, created cases, and handled administrative cases

May 2019 - July 2020
Tysons Corner, Virginia

Parkour Instructor
Urban Evolution

Designed new equipment and gym setup using 3D software
Managed Construction and assembly of equipment
Collaborated on development of in-house instructor certification.
Assisted with social media presence
Trained new instructors
Taught Parkour and Freerunning

Sept 2017 – Feb 2020
Arlington, Virginia

Network Engineer
NetCentrics Corp./Haystax Tech

Tier I Helpdesk Technician responsible for managing the ticket queue and assigning tickets
Created utility to monitor company’s internet speed at intervals throughout the day
Responsible for managing AD users and computers
Responsible for creating, managing, and deploying Windows 8.1 image
Responsible for managing and deploying workstations
Responsible to check all critical systems of the network on a daily basis
Responsible to monitor the company’s Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
Trained replacement in duties and tasks of my position

Oct 2014 – Aug 2015
Dulles, Virginia


Discord.py Bot
This is an ongoing personal project making use of Python for the coding, a MariaDB (mysql) database to store information, both the Discord.py APIs and the Bungie.net APIs to interact with Discord and gather information from Destiny 2, and a REST API server running on Flask. The bot is used to schedule group activities and provide players with information on their in-game characters via commands in a Discord Server. This bot and its DB are hosted on Google Cloud VM running Linux.

Feb 2020 - Present

MSTR SDK Samples
As an intermittent project I worked to create fully documented and peer-reviewed samples for the official MicroStrategy SDK Samples Github
MDSecurityFilter: Demonstrates how to create an MD Security Filter. This included code to create a filter expression and was built to be usable as a standalone method in other workflows.
User and Object Search: Two samples, the first allows you to search for a user by name, the second allows you to search for a specified type of object by name. Both feature standalone methods that can be used in other code.
Change Shortcut Description: Demonstrate how to change the Description value of a MSTR Shortcut Object. The sample contains a standalone method that can be used in other workflows.

Feb 2020 - June 2020

Detailed Certifications, Skills, Knowledge, and Expertise

Programming/Data Science

IBM Machine Learning with Python certifiction
C and Java
HTML, CSS, and Javascript
REST API Server hosting and Integration
MySql, MariaDB, Microsoft SQL
MicroStrategy, Discord, and Bungie APIs
3D modeling and game creation
Survey knowledge of cryptology and game theory

Systems and architecture

CompTia Security+ (2016-2019 – Exp.)
Topics of Cisco Certified Network Associate
Linux (various distributions)
Nginx, uWSGI, Flask Apache Kafka and Zookeeper
Microsoft Windows OS
Microsoft Server
Microsoft AD
MicroStrategy Intelligence-Server
MicroStrategy SDK/APIs
Windows Deployment Services (WDS)
CMD and terminal interfaces

Software and Hardware

Eclipse, Visual Studio Code, Android Studio
Microsoft Office
MicroStrategy Web, Library, Mobile
MicroStrategy Software and application
Audio/Visual Equipment
Networking hardware
Server hardware
Desktop PC internal hardware


GitHub | LinkedIn


Home Area
Falls Church, VA 22046
United States of America

(571) 234-0994


Python, Java
MariaDB, MySQL
Machine Learning

System Admin

Security+ (2016-2019)
Google Cloud